Pieces of Meech

by Michelle F. Silver

Pieces of Meech is a book of selected poems by Maine author Michelle (nicknamed “Meech”) Silver. She lives in Bryant Pond with her husband Albert, and their son Jacob, and Moose, the family dog. Any reader will likely find that they relate to what is shared in these pages, as the poems are about the good and the bad, the successes, and the failures, the mistakes and the growth that all come from living life. Grab a comfy sea and enjoy, and thank you for reading.

About the Author & Illustrator

Michelle Silver was born in New Jersey and moved to Maine when she was two. She grew up in Oxford and currently lives in Bryant Pond with her husband Albert, their son Jacob and the family dog, “Moose”. She has worked at a screen printing shop in Norway for the last 17 years. Michelle has always loved writing, including poetry, since elementary school. Publishing Pieces of Meech is something that she suddenly desired to accomplish and now that goal is complete. She is thankful for the inspirations and the support that helped make it happen.

Paperback, 91 pages
ISBN 978-1-954517-11-0