Replanting Lives Uprooted by Mental Illness

a practical guide for families

by Nancy Pizzo Boucher



Nothing can guarantee immunity from mental illness…not money…not nationality…not power…not knowledge…not medicine…
not love.


About the Author

Nancy Pizzo Boucher is the ninth child of thirteen children born into a first-generation Italian-American family. The importance and the value of family has been an enduring force in her life. She taught special education for 24 years in public schools, starting programs for students with behavioral challenges. Her involvement in mental health includes: being a family speaker for Voices of Recovery of Portland, Maine, participating both nationally and locally in NAMI, giving local advocacy talks, writing guest blog posts on mental health sites, and speaking at public hearings on legislation related to mental health. She is a dedicated advocate for those dealing with mental illness, and works to promote understanding of a person-first approach to healing. She views personal empowerment and insight as fundamental to the recovery process, both for those dealing with a mental illness and for their loved ones. This is her second book and was written to fill a need that she saw for a very practical resource for families.

ISBN 978-1-940244-78-5
142 pages