No Way!

Unforeseen tales throughout the years in the woods of Maine

by Norm Russell

An extraordinary account with heart and humor simply written through the eyes of an avid sportsman, who at age 73 tried his hand at writing. A reminder that it is never too late to follow a passion. The result is this gem of a book filled with 25 short stories that any Mainer can appreciate, and for sportsmen who understand the excitement, skill and mishaps that go along with hunting and fishing.

Norm Russell demonstrates his love of Maine, his integrity for the catch and the hunt and the wisdom he has gained over a lifetime of hunting and fishing. These stories honor cherished memories and adventures with friends in the woods of Maine.

“Once I began reading, I couldn’t put the book down. It was witty and well-written”. –Brenda F

“…the one of the canoe flipping over, I laughed out loud a few times! These are great — perfect camp or campfire stories”. -Holli A

“I just finished Norm’s book. Great job! Such a wonderful tribute to your Father when you conquered Katahdin”. -Rich M

“You have a gift. We will cherish this book”. -Mike T

About the Author

Norman Russell is a native of Southern Maine, residing in Buxton with his family since 1970.
His love of the outdoors runs deep in his heritage, with grandparents originating from the Canadian Provinces. His grandmother often remarked how he was a “true Norman” referring to the family surname, as the Normans survived living off the land hunting and fishing in the wilderness of Newfoundland.



Paperback, 5.5″ x 8.5″
132 pages
ISBN 978-1-954517-02-8