Southeast to Panama


A once in a lifetime opportunity to help a good friend deliver an aged 65′ catamaran sailboat from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico through the Panama Canal to Ft. Lauderdale, FL, turns into much more than the author expects. A small gift wrapped package taken on board by an unsuspecting fellow crew member, triggers a series of events that places boat and crew in danger. Intrigue, mystery and romance are all part of a four week voyage that includes eluding a Colombian cartel, storm tossed seas, an unexpected visitor, a near collision and the thrill of transiting the Panama Canal.

About the Author

This is Robert C. Devine’s first published novel. He is a water color artist, still life photographer, short story writer, wood­worker and gardener. Growing up in New England with a boat builder father, he had an early introduction to sail and power boat handling that continues to today. He has owned and sailed with his wife throughout the west coast of North Amer­ica from Santa Barbara, CA to Acapulco, Mexico and in the gulf coast of Texas. He lives with his wife in Boothbay, Maine.

296 pages
ISBN 978-1-936447-09-1