Can I Carry your Luggage?

by Shelly Lance-Fulk & Jacklyn Amtower



Join two wildlife photographer sisters as they travel the world and share their favorite images and most memorable stories. From Africa to Antarctica and beyond, their adventures and experiences both promote respect for the animals that enrich our lives as well as invite readers to share in their journey of discovery.

* * *

“Again, alone in my tent, just after retiring, I began to hear low growling, almost like the purring of large house cats. First, I thought of small domestic cats and almost immediately I envisioned CATS! My awareness of large predators that close elicited a primal fear. I picked up my flashlight and pointed it towards the origin of the sound. All I could see was a bulge where the lions appeared to be lying against my tent. I tried not to move, though I was sure my heart was beating so hard and fast that it could be heard by the animals. Should I blow my whistle for help or just stay motionless hoping that the cats would get up and leave?”


About the Authors

Shelly Lance-Fulk & Jacklyn Amtower are sisters living in Beaver Cove, Maine. This small rural community a few miles north of Greenville, is located on the east side of Moosehead Lake in Central Maine. This beautiful community is known for its wildlife, including white-tail deer and moose. They have been traveling and photographing wildlife both in Maine and around the world since their teens. They have visited all seven continents on multiple occasions and their passports have stamps from more than 75 countries. Their experiences of adventure, enlightenment and respect for animals are shared in a number of tales and stories with accompanying photographs taken during their travels. Although the sisters travel four to six months a year and enjoy the experience of meeting new people and observing other cultures and wildlife, the appreciation for the state of Maine always draws them home and to the animals that share the magic and splendor of the region.