The Strangers’ Tomb

 by Robin Hazard Ray


A slave in South Carolina is stripped and photographed. A night watchman in Cambridge is assaulted. An extra corpse turns up in a tomb. How are they connected—and who’s next?
On the eve of the Civil War, Sumner Bascomb, Superintendent of Boston’s beautiful Mount Auburn Cemetery, finds his career on the line as things go seriously awry in the garden of the dead. He finds unexpected allies in renowned Harvard botanist Asa Gray and fugitive slave Roxanne Jacobs, who are fighting their own battles for survival.
As Bascomb, Gray, and Jacobs endeavor to solve a string of disappearances, they discover bitter rivalries, family secrets, and unbreakable bonds of blood, love, and vengeance.

About the Author

Robin Hazard Ray has written for the MIT News, the Boston Herald, and many other publications. She is currently co-writing a biography of Sir Victor Sassoon, the bachelor scion of a Baghdadi Jewish family who transformed the Art Deco skyline of 1930s Shanghai. The Strangers’ Tomb is her first novel. Ray lives in Somerville, MA, with her husband and two black cats.