Back Burner Cooking


Some of us choose to become caregivers. Others have caregiving thrust upon them. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, you may well find there are days when the person in your care doesn’t want to eat anything you prepare. You may not realize it, but this could be because they can’t eat it, not because they won’t. This might be especially true in the case of an older person, as chewing can become more difficult as we age. The author, who trained at Le Cordon Bleu in London and worked as a sous-chef, found herself in just this position. Understanding, in retrospect, that the closer one is to the patient the harder caregiving can be, she has come up with a cookbook that offers a variety of soft foods—simple family dishes and old time favorites plus a few more intricate approaches for the lightest and easiest to eat preparations from the arsenal of classic French haute cuisine. The more tailored the food to the ability of the diner to eat it, the less the struggle at meal time for both the caregiver and the person at the other end of the fork.


With the population aging and many more people being cared for at home, this cookbook is very timely. Exhausted caregivers will welcome a book with so many helpful suggestions for preparing a nourishing meal or snack. Back Burner Cooking is a great addition to our armamentarium in advising patients and their caregivers how to tempt dwindling appetites. —Sangita J. Agarwal, M.D.

An excellent resource for meal preparation and insight into a problem facing many of us caring for a growing elderly population. To a person in the healthcare field for over 40 years, this is a welcome addition to the world of cookbooks and brings us all back to the basics of good care. —Lee Lathrop, Lathrop Home Health Care Service

116 pages
ISBN 978-1-940244-39-6