Lucy Leaf

 written by Pam Dixon Oertel
art by Elizabeth Overlock


The story of Lucy, a leaf in a maple tree, and the things she sees and learns during her time in the tree between spring and fall.


Pam Dixon Oertel has always been an avid reader, starting about 8 years of age with her mother’s True Stories magazine.

She lived in Limestone, ME for the first 30 years of her life. Then moved to Bangor, ME where she met her husband. She finished her working career in 2020 and turned to knitting and sewing for Relief Crafters of America, a caring group of people who craft for animal habitats throughout the states. And of course, more reading.

After retirement she was standing at a window watching the leaves blow down the street and thought there was a story there. The thought stayed in her head for a couple of years until she finally put it on paper and the result was Lucy Leaf.

ISBN: 978-1-954517-30-1