Subtle Grace

by Bob Olfenbuttel


“…in this…I found peace and healing. Bob’s writings speak to the deeper parts of the soul. His weaving of words creates a gentle place to rest, open the heart, and receive peace, hope, and healing.”

—Rev Jackie Nehls, Ohio Health Hospice Chaplain

WYATT’S WATCH Thank you so much for sending us the beautiful poem. What a gift you give to the world!

—Susan Henrickson, poet and poetry editor

ROOM TO BREATHE Stick your nose into that breeze you spoke of for me. I can almost smell that air. Intoxicating…I love getting your work. It reminds me to come up for air.

—Lauri Wettling, Manager, Ohio Health Hospice Volunteer Resources

COMMUNION Your words are like a brush on a painter’s canvas!

—Grace F., lifelong learner, cultivating the Way

ED’S SONG What an amazing poem, and Ed sure is smiling down on it as well!

—Craig and Maggie White, previous owners of Owl and Turtle Bookshop Café

INTRINSIC BEAUTY Thank you, Bob, for the beautiful poem. We have to learn to stop looking for the miracles and see them as they perform every day.

—Kathleen Pavelites


Bob Olfenbuttel grew up in the countryside, lived in cities most of his life, then rediscovered his natural roots in retirement. His careers spanned astronomy, air force bioenvironmental health and safety, and private sector environmental engineering services. Bob lives in Camden, Maine, nourished by the state’s rich, soul-healing landscapes of forests, mountains, and sea. He enjoys discovering the language of poetry to express gratitude for the self-healing nature of Nature, the healing gifts of dreams, Reiki, and meditation, and the discovery of beauty, kindness, and generosity in the smallest corners of life.

ISBN: 978-1-954517-19-6

ISBN: 978-1-954517-20-2