Alone Across the Americas

Over the Land and Through the Air from Mexico to Peru

by Ruth E. Kaul
edited and with an introduction by Lorel E. Wisniewski

In the spring of 1947, Ruth E. Kaul left her suburban Chicago
home and headed south for Peru. For six months, she traveled
solo—unusual for a young woman at the time—across
Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru. With
a wry humor, she relates encounters with ornery llamas, quirky
fellow travelers, and more than one looming revolution.

About the Authors

Originally from Forest Park, Illinois, Ruth E. Kaul (1919–2016) was educated at the University of Chicago and pursued a career in advertising, newspaper publishing, and editing. She married
Stan Foged in 1950, and the couple later relocated to Maryland. After many years of globe-trotting, Ruth spent her final years in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, with her daughter and son-in-law.



Paperback, 6″ x 9″
226 pages
ISBN 978-1-954517-03-5