The Julia and Nan Birthday Hotel

The Best Worst Pandemic Birthday Ever

 written by Linda Andrews
illustrated by A. Banks


Turning ten and getting to double digits is a big deal, and, in my family, it means a trip to a hotel with my grandmother, Nan.

Now imagine that happening during a pandemic. How do you pull that off? Well, you must get creative, and my grandmother did just that.

In this book, you will learn just how creative she got and how this was the best worst pandemic birthday ever.


Linda is the author of Please Bring Soup to Comfort Me

While I Grieve. She took a horrific situation, losing her father and husband in a two-week period, and turned it into a way to help others. The Julia and Nan Birthday Hotel is her first children’s book, and it is a labor of love.

Linda recently pivoted from her professional career as a registered nurse to pursue her passions. During her career, she had the privilege of working at Boston Children’s Hospital, where she learned just how resilient children can be when faced with adversity.

A Maine native, Linda enjoys exploring everything her beautiful state has to offer, especially lobster rolls. She likes travel and adventure in the form of ziplining, skydiving, parasailing, and swimming with dolphins. Linda enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Crafting with her three granddaughters is one of her favorite activities.

ISBN: 978-0-9968227-1-8