The Bar Harbor Formation

by Ann Rutherfurd Austin


A privileged childhood among the dying embers of the Gilded Age is not the best preparation for a young woman coming of age at the second half of the twentieth century. The world Katie Bowman Morse has been trained for—the world of Emily Post, dinner parties, and marriage as a career—is rapidly changing. Soon she will have to find her footing at a time of massive cultural shifts: the Viet Nam War, the civil rights movement, hippies, feminists, and, perhaps most difficult of all, the relaxation of the norms her family held dear. In The Bar Harbor Formation, Ann Rutherfurd Austin illuminates the challenges Katie faces as she deals with her own personal tragedies amid a vanishing way of life.

About the Author

As “Andy Austin” the author spent 43 years as a courtroom artist for ABC/7 News in Chicago. Her book about the trials she covered, Rule 53: Capturing Hippies, Spies, Politicians, and Murderers in an American Courtroom was published in 2008.
She has been very lucky to spend a part of every summer of her life, save one, in either Bar Harbor or Rockport, Maine

ISBN 978-1-947758-14-8