Defusing the Mental Illness Crisis Triangle

Safety Procedures for Families During Crises at Home
by Nancy Pizzo Boucher

When a person with a serious mental illness is experiencing a crisis, that situation has the potential to become dangerous. This handbook details safety procedures to follow that can help defuse the crisis and reduce the probability of a serious outcome. It is a valuable resource for anyone providing support or responding to a person in an smi crisis—that includes families, organizations that provide education and support for families.

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As the founder of a nonprofit organization, Grow a Strong Family, Inc., that provides support to families uprooted by mental illness, this resource is an invaluable addition for the families that we are privileged to support. We already integrate Replanting Lives Uprooted by Mental Illness in our work, because practical resources are what families need!”

—Mara J. Briere, MA CFLE, President & Founder Grow a Strong Family, Inc.

This workbook will be so helpful to families, police, and to anyone who will be supporting people with a mental illness. It will guide them to better understand how to cope and how to assist those in crisis.”

—Sheila Girard, NAMI, F2F Teacher & FSG Facilitator Greater North Shore Affiliate

About the Author

Nancy Pizzo Boucher is a dedicated advocate for those dealing with mental illness. She works to highlight the importance of a combined treatment approach that focuses on strengthening the person as well as treating the illness. Her advocacy work has included being a family speaker for Voices of Recovery of Portland, Maine, giving advocacy talks at public libraries, participating both nationally and locally in NAMI, being a family speaker at NAMI Maine CIT trainings, and being a presenter at two family support organizations in Massachusetts, where she led groups based on her second book Replanting Lives Uprooted by Mental Illness: A Practical Guide for Families. Acutely aware of the potential for grievous outcomes when a serious mental illness crisis occurs, her current advocacy has focused on writing this handbook to pass along to others what her family has learned to do.


ISBN 978-1-947758-18-6