Water Under the Keel

 by Captain George Grimes

This book will reveal to the reader the true nature of the challenges facing a mod­ern-day sailor. Captain Grimes takes the reader from one adventure to the next, as vessels and their crews ply the seas. This is a must read for any young person who is considering a career in the merchant marine.

—Captain Skip Bracy, Sea Pilot

Come along on an exciting and life-enhancing voyage as Captain Grimes guides you through his life story. Captain Grimes is truly a “man-of-the-sea,” and his life story will enable you, the reader, to reflect upon your own story amidst calm and occasional stormy seas. You will truly enjoy this biography and perhaps find a deeper meaning in your own life. Enjoy the journey…enjoy the voyage.

—Professor James Friedel, D. Min.

Captain Grimes has captured the essence of being a professional mariner in today’s merchant marine. The determination and adaptive abilities needed to balance a life at sea with a sound family life ashore are clearly demonstrated. This is a fine account of a life that has been and will continue to be spent under the spell of the sea.

—Chris Murch, Business Owner


CAPTAIN GEORGE GRIMES, a licensed master mariner, has extensive seagoing experience navigating steam, motor, towing and auxiliary sail-training vessels . When at home, he enjoys rowing, sailing and photography. Captain Grimes grew up in Rockport, Massachusetts where he now lives with his wife, Sally, and his Golden Retriever, Sydney. They have two grown daughters, Kirsten and Katelyn.