Fishing Upstream

The Balsam Lake Club’s Adventurous History

by James E. Bacon

FISHING UPSTREAM explores the Balsam Lake Club’s fascinating 135 years, chronicling friendships, shared experiences and occasionald isasters. This book is a record of how the club evolved and why it has survived and even prospered.

Writer Jim Bacon’s membership in the club spans a third of its existence. He has drawn on his long association, access to previously unknown correspondence and the recollections of many members and employees. The result is an account that will inform readers and entertain them with stories never before told. His work gives warmth

About the Author

Jim Bacon has been a member of the Balsam Lake Club since 1972 (a third of the life of the club). Self-taught, he has been an enthusiastic trout fisherman for more than 50 years. He has been immersed in the club’s history since 2005 and decided more than 10 years ago to write the story to honor those members and employees, past and present, who have contributed so much to the club and to the wonderful quality of the Beaverkill River’s waters. Jim is a lawyer
by training and a longtime participant in the New York financial community. He is a former president of The Anglers’ Club of New York.