A Thousand Wishes

 by Cassie Claremont

Born in a world before stars, a boy named Emrys goes on an adventure to find a way to put light into the night sky.


Cassie has always had a love of writing but chose to put it aside to pursue her education. She has recently begun the adventure of publishing her first book, “A Thousand Wishes.”

 She credits her second-grade teacher with sparking her love of writing and fantasy. He would often read aloud The Narnia Chronicles to the class and she always found herself whisked away to a world she wished she could live in. Her elementary school librarian would often read to the class as well, and this only made her love stories more and more. In high school, Cassie was lucky to have wonderful English teachers who pushed her to explore the art of storytelling through poetry and creativity.

 Cassie, (like most high school students) went to college and forgot about writing all together. She earned her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and is a member of The National Society of Leadership and Success. She hopes to continue to write more stories and take herself (along with readers) on journey’s full of adventure.

 She currently writes from her home in Maine but one day wishes to write from around the world!