Strange Voices

selected shorts by Bob Gause


• A truck tells the story of his life
• Dishes converse with cups and saucers
• A giant fir tree describes his world
• Two running sneakers laugh at the world
• Rendered speechless with a stroke, a man learns to communicate
• A life is fulfilled with words heard from a deceased mother
• Laboratory mice talk to the research assistant
• A young man’s testosterone controls his fantasy
• A vagabond octogenarian teaches a young medical student
• An alcoholic finds peace in the bottle
• A book reads out loud
• And more…

About the Author

Bob Gause has lived in Maine for forty years with optimistic plans for another twenty. His three sons and his daughter were all raised between the house on the Hill in back Winterport and the Camp on Moosehead Lake. He continues to work at his first job in pediatric orthopedics in Bangor, Maine. This is his sixth book.