Sasha and Natasha

Never Forget

 by Nadia Bunegin Colvin

Sasha and Natasha is a love story coupled with fear, hunger, war, and death. They meet under the harsh conditions of a German POW camp, each with their own stories of how they survived the horrors of Stalin and the brutality of Hitler. By all accounts, they both should have died. Strength and determination not only kept them alive, it empowered them to thrive and live out their dreams in a new country far from their homeland.


Nadia Bunegin Colvin grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She earned a bachelor’s degree in education and later moved to Massachusetts where she taught school for 18 years and earned a master’s degree in psychology. After retiring from teaching, she moved to Maine and began a second career as a floral designer at a local flower shop.

Several years after her mother passed away, Nadia, at the age of 68, knew that the stories she had heard throughout her life would soon be lost. They needed to live on, so she began to write, and before she knew it, she had written this book.