Dressing the New Republic

Authentic American Costume from 1775 to 1805.



A basic guide to the clothing of multiple classes and ages of Americans from the start of the Revolution through the first 30 years of the United States.

Organized into the four decades of 1775, 1785, 1795 & 1805, this book shows what the elite, middle, and working classes might have worn, through 21 pages of captioned illustrations and comprehensive introductions to each decade. It also includes details about fabrics, accessories, changes of style, and even common mistakes to avoid. For more information, at the end there are glossaries, a book list, and sources for catalogs and patterns.

  • For: Historical societies American Revolution role-players Costumers Docents of house museums & owners of historic houses …help in creating authentic period costumes.
  • For: Curators of museums or collections …help in dating their portraits and vintage clothing.
  • For: Writers & illustrators, teachers & students …help in imagining early America.

About the Author

An independent scholar and costumer, Julie Stackpole has created many costumes of all periods since her first, a Civil War centennial dress, at age 13.

34 pages
ISBN 978-1-938883-96-5