How Far is Heaven?

 by Patricia Heitmann

One woman’s story of her unraveling after notification in the dark of night of her son’s suicide. A story of finding and reclaiming herself. She raises a pen; he writes. Speak their name. Remember their dash…

* * *

This is a book not only about surviving but thriving, a book that is timeless and for everyone, of loss and healing. I am grateful for the truth it shares.

—Holly Ireland, writer, medium, development coach. Christopher, 1979–1999

Once I got started, I couldn’t stop reading. How Far Is Heaven? offers a way of seeing beyond and the path leading to that vision. Kind and consoling, it leads the reader into the bosom of one family, written by someone who struggled to understand what we all seek.

—Tom Burby, author, teacher, musician

After many years dealing with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, my son took his life. I wish I had this book then. Today, How Far Is Heaven?, with its promise of reconcil­iation, forgiveness, and hope, has brightened my path and opened my heart.

—Nancy E. Grimes, former President NAMI-Bangor, ME. Thomas Scott, 1976–2004

How Far Is Heaven? is a poignant love letter from a mother to her son. This memoir covers multiple generations, American Sign Language, spiritual life, and a lot of love. If you have lost someone who died by suicide, I believe this book will help you feel less alone and more a part of a large and loving community of survivors.

—Ken Duckworth, MD, chief medical officer NAMI, author of You Are Not Alone: The NAMI Guide to Mental Health

About the Author

Patricia Heitmann is a retired interpreter for the deaf. At twelve, she wrote and produced a play for the neighbors, starting a lifetime of writing. This is her first publication. She is an ordained minister with the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism and volun­teers with Reiki and end-of-life doula care. She and her husband, Norm, live in Hampden, Maine.

ISBN: 978-1-954517-51-6