Shh…Please Listen to Me

WHAT MAKES PEG E’S STORY DIFFERENT FROM PAULA’S? What makes Sandy and Paul want to share their lives together? What do Sally and Dennis have in common? Why did Brit spend her spring and summer living in the back seat of a car? The stories told by Sylvia and Donna of learning how to deal with their children choosing death over life. It is these inspirational stories and life journeys that Kim collected to offer support, education, and inspiration to individuals facing such hardships, to reach out to families and friends, and to encourage professionals to take time to listen to the stories. Embedded in the words of these resilient individuals are bravery, trauma, hope, despair, happiness, poverty, wealth, loneliness, forgiveness, abandonment, truth, addiction, courage, grief, and many other emotions. Karen talks about how her past has led her to being an advocate for those that do not have a voice or arena to be heard. As you walk in the steps of these individuals, you cannot help but ask yourself if you have the strength to face

127 pages
ISBN 978-1-940244-06-8