Seasons in the Wind


Seasons in the Wind is a continuation of the author’s first book, One Season at a Time, (a collaboration with fellow outdoorsman Matt Curry.) In Seasons in the Wind, the true life adventures of Frank J. Chamberlin IV continue through a combination of short stories, poems, dog training tips, recipes, and a special tribute and story for his son, Frank Chamberin V, may he rest in peace. Seasons in the Wind was written in anticipation of the author’s third and final book, The Last Season, a diary of a cabin in the north woods.

About the Author

Since childhood the lure of the outdoors was stronger than any other force. Some folks judge people by how many hours a day they work for some company or how much income they make. Believe me if I had been paid for every hour spent in the great outdoors I’d have been a very wealthy person. The smell of a fresh autumn day or the sight of a snow squall moving in fast. Nature abounds and is free for all to see and experience. Words do not come easy to explain myself, but I am an outdoorsman and hunter with no regrets. It’s a passion that comes from deep within. A passion that cannot be bought or sold, only given freely from the heart. It’s a passion inside that creates a passionate person on the outside that most will never appreciate or understand. They will just ridicule out of ignorance. Nothing can deter a passion like I have, but it’s there for anyone from me, just for the asking. Training of dogs is a large part of my world and just another part of my life puzzle. To be diversified, flexible and patient are key ingredients in the outdoors and life in general. So come walk the tote roads with me, all are welcome, and for the real adventures, we’ll step off the beaten trails. You will feel the passion.

ISBN 978-1-940244-23-5
107 pages