Michael & Maria



Folkestone, Kent, 1932: An impecunious yet ambitious young Irishman and a charming Italian beauty meet and fall in love. Ignoring family dissension and very different upbringings, they marry and settle down to raise a God-fearing British family. But a world war is brewing…This tale of roots, upheaval, divisions overcome, living, dying, and a 60-year marriage, is ultimately a story of true love.

About the Author

For Emma Stephenson, family has always been “where it’s at”. She, her then husband and their four children, emigrated to the States in 1965. But she and her larger extended family, with their Irish or Italian roots, have always stayed close, via letters, phone calls and regular visits to and fro. Stephenson, and husband, Don Smith, made mid-coast Maine their home in 1983. She has had two short stories published and is currently working on a novel.

222 pages
ISBN 978-1-940244-55-6