An Unruly Pawn

Where is the aloha? Maxine is trying to play the ball as it lies. Paradise is wicked lonely when you’re on a deadline.

A sequel to A Skeptic’s Luck


One misstep along the muddy trail could be deadly. Maxine is in Hawai’i to pursue plant conservation and medicinal plants. She yearns for a true friend. But paradise is a close community, tense, steep and complicated, and feral pigs threaten. Now that the hotel developer has built the golf course too close to an ancient sacred site, the Ghost of the Heiau terrifies the tourists. Maxine is instructed to mind her own business, and of course she will try. A valuable antique stamp, The Missionary, would finance a drug addiction rehab center, but the stamp is lost. Maxine may have to exercise her Maine gumption if she is to untangle the relationships that put her own precarious world at risk.

Storyteller A. D. Morel has a background in art and science. She writes the kind of book she wants to read: thought-provoking fiction about struggle, soul, humor, human failings, pets, love, and intrigue. The characters tend to take over! This book follows A Skeptic’s Luck, or can be read as a stand-alone. She blogs about creative writing at

ISBN 978-1-940244-16-7

270 pages