The Way We Touch



Joyce Grant and Joe Martello meet in a prison waiting room. Joyce is a prison volunteer; Joe is there to visit his grandson. The Grant and Martello families face many challenges over the summer of 2015. Each family is guided by the love, courage, and wisdom of an elderly couple. Although both couples have reached retirement age, their family responsibilities increase when younger family members move in, bringing their troubles with them. This is a family love story. The ongoing theme throughout is one of touching— the way we touch each other tenderly, sexually, inappropriately, and in a healing way by using not only our hands and bodies but also words, music, dance, art, food, humor, and kindness. Characters are revealed inside and outside of prison. The story looks at the criminal justice system and how people of different incomes and races fare within that system. A modified Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshop is included to engage the characters and show how touching can differ inside a prison compared to outside.

About the Author

Elizabeth Keddy is Massachusetts born and bred. This is her first novel, but she has earned her living as a writer over the years, working as a newspaper reporter, a political aide, and a technical writer. Now retired, she volunteers in prison facilitating anti-violence workshops, teaching writing workshops, and tutoring. Her education includes a BA in English and an EdM degree. She has previously written The O’Reilly Family: History and Genealogy Chart (1840 to 2009), a pictorial biography of her mother’s family. Elizabeth lives in Massachusetts with her husband John, their Beagle Daisy, and their Maine Coon cat Callie.

256 pages
ISBN 978-1-94-244-47-1