Murder in the Pines: Experiment Three

by Anne Morin


When Dr. Yvette Bilodeau inherits a camp in the mountains of Rangeley, Maine, she looks forward to many relaxed weekends away from the crowded Maine coast and the more tedious concerns of her laboratory and students. This idea will quickly be put to an end when a human bone is found in the pine forest near her campsite. Who did the bone belong to and how did it get there? Why hadn’t anyone notified the police of a lost person? She quickly recognizes the handiwork of a malignant being in the vicinity.
Yvette’s homicide detective friend, Brandell Young, is only too glad to help her search for the answers. His hunt for the killers of a young lobster fisherman and the details of drug smuggling off the coastal waters, will draw him to the snowy mountains of Rangeley as well. The former Los Angeles detective learns about Maine traditions, community suppers, the benefits of warm winter clothing,



About the Author

ANNE MORIN is retired from a life in Neuroscience as Principal Scientist of the Neurology Research Laboratory at the VA Medical Center and Associate Professor in the Neurology Department in the UCLA School of Medicine. Along with her move from the west coast to east coast, she has changed her focus from real science to what can be found in fiction writing. She now lives at Mountain Spring Farm in the western Maine mountains and teaches for the University of Maine. She also offers a course “Science for Seniors” to introduce senior citizens to DNA, cloning, and other advances in biomedical science. She keeps bees, quilts, and writes. This is her third novel in the EXPERIMENT series featuring Professor Yvette Bilodeau and Detective Brandell Young.