Middle Blue

Tom Holt is a dreamer, a sailor, and an art student who finds himself drafted from college into the army and destined for Vietnam. As Holt is transformed into a foot soldier, he begins to discover how his wit and artistic talent can help him navigate this frightening new world. Although the essential backdrop is war, this is a story full of personal adventure, friendships, comic mishaps, and reflections. Through the chaos and insanity of the military, he keeps his spunk, his irreverence, his curiosity, and his conscience. The lush landscapes and exotic culture and religion of the region lead him to ask questions and search for answers, while the bonds of friendship and the sharp edges of danger combine to foster his spiritual growth. In the end, his lifelong love for boats and the sea leads him to the discovery of Middle Blue and the way through.


JIM RICHARDSON lives with his wife, Martha, in a village on the Eastern Shore of Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay. Jim has spent his working life as a sign maker, artist and illustrator, grocer, postmaster, and carpenter. Now retired, he likes to write stories and poetry for children and an occasional play for adults. Drawing, traveling (especially by sailboat), biking, iceboating, running, and above all enjoying his friends are among his other special interests. This is his first novel.

280 pages
ISBN 978-1-947758-20-9