Dingley Island

The Story So far

by Debora Norton

…the prophecy says that when a white raven rides and the wizards, a brother and sister with purple eyes, come of age, the mountains will shake, the magik will grow, and the queen’s gem will turn blood red…

A story about two young wizards, a sister and a brother, along with their cousins, a talking Maine coon cat, a sarcastic faerie, a kind and powerful dragon, and a lunicorn. They all live in a house that is really an ancient fortress, standing against evil on an island off the coast of Maine, named after the local hero. Only he’s not the hero they thought, and they aren’t the wizards of the prophecy, or are they? They begin their quest to unravel the secrets of the island, and find their place in this story…so far.

About the Author

Debora Norton lives on a hill near the ocean in Harpswell, Maine. She is an artist and a preschool teacher. Debora often takes inspiration from children’s stories, which gives her hundreds of ideas!

ISBN 978-1-947758-35-3