Crossing Boundaries

A Novel of the Old West

by Dolores Pye Josey


As Americans surged westward following the acquisition from Mexico of the southern border states and most of California, they crossed new boundaries, both geographical and cultural. Miriah, a young woman from Missouri, and Quanah, a Comanche Indian scout, meet during the long trek on the Santa Fe Trail and begin a love affair that crosses the profound cultural and social boundaries of the era. Crossing Boundaries is primarily a love story that may speak to our own times with its religious, political, and racial elements.

About the Author

In her student years, the author spent several years attending the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque. She grew to love the mountains, the wide sandy plains and the sweep of the skies in storm and in brilliant sunlit blue. Although she was never fortunate enough to live there, she often visited. She is also a painter in oil and watercolor, a potter, and a creative dancer, and in each of these disciplines of art has found ways to recreate impressions of the sensory splendor of the landscapes around Santa Fe and Taos and beyond. It is no surprise that her first book should refer to the history of the Santa Fe Trail and tell of the peoples who journeyed there almost two centuries ago.

ISBN 978-1-6331-117-1