Disco and Me

An Unexpected Adventure in Quebec

Disco et Moi
Une aventure inattendue au Québec

Written and Illustrated by
Écrit et illustré par

Katrina Shambarger Linscott

Disco and Me is a bilingual story of a boy whose wish to discover Quebec comes true when he meets Disco, a black Labrador. The boy follows Disco on a magical journey, including a carriage ride down colorful St. Louis Street, an exhilarating toboggan ride on the Dufferin Terrace, a firework show at the Ice Palace, as well as maple syrup production, and a traditional meal and music at a sugar shack. This story emphasizes the unique and enchanting qualities of Quebec’s landscape and culture, and how the French language is alive and is both a part and an expression of Québécois culture.

Disco et Moi est l’histoire bilingue d’un garçon dont le souhait de découvrir le Québec se réalise lorsqu’il rencontre Disco, un labrador noir. Ils font un voyage comprenant une promenade en calèche sur la Rue St. Louis, une descente en toboggan sur la Terrasse Dufferin, un spectacle de feux d’artifice au Palais de Glace, ainsi que la production de sirop d’érable, et un repas et de la musique traditionnels à une cabane à sucre. Cette histoire fournit une expérience authentique pour les lecteurs et souligne les caractéristiques magiques et uniques de la province, et comment

About the Author/Illustrator

Katrina Shambarger Linscott has been a French teacher since 2005. She saw a need for stories that ignite curiosity about places, culture, and language of the Francophone world, and that support the learning of the French language at a novice to intermediate level. Her love of Quebec began in college, when she did a summer program at the Université Laval, and has continued to grow as she teaches about and takes students to Quebec biannually. She adores dogs, particularly how they connect people to the present moment, keep us active (in any weather!), and love unconditionally. She lives on Mount Desert Island, Maine, with her handsome and handy husband, Stephen, and fluffy and spry dog, Porter.

ISBN 978-1-63381-225-3

ISBN 978-1-947758-53-7