Angus Tapangus from Kangamangus

a Good, Good, Boy

by Linda Dobson Porter


“Early the next morning, Angus woke up, stretched, and looked around the farm. He liked his life on the farm, but he loved adventure, too, and knew his forever family was out there somewhere. After eating breakfast, he nudged his mom and dad goodbye and bounded out the door…”

About the Author

Linda Dobson Porter hails from Massachusetts, having moved to Maine in 2015. This is her first book, although she has written many stories. She earned her master’s degree from Goddard College with a focus on women’s health and menopause. She is a third-degree black belt,and is currently working on a blog, Menopause Can
Be Fun. Linda has two grown children, Sarah and Liam, two who are her children in her heart, Isaac and Adrian, two stepsons, Jared (Peg, Eli) and Christian (Shannon). She lives in Bristol with her husband, Ed, three dogs, and three cats, who are vying to be in her next book (the cats and dogs, not Ed).

ISBN 978-1-940244-98-3